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Brabo an outsider to other K.G. supervisors

Date published: 2/11/2014

Brabo an outsider to other K.G. supervisors

My King George County supervisor for the Dahlgren District, Ruby Brabo, was passed over from the usual board procedure of choosing the vice chairman for the year. It has disturbed me considerably, from day one, to observe the different treatment shown to her, rather than the respect due her position.

In looking back to a few years ago, the only female supervisor on the board ever was a little difficult. Therefore, the older supervisors might unconsciously carry this perception over to any new female superior.

It is no great wonder that the other supervisors felt it necessary to select one of their own, Jim Howard, who had been a supervisor with the older supervisors not many years ago. For now, it appears Ms. Brabo is still not considered part of the team.

Her many capabilities, to me, are appropriate for the inevitable future for King George. The Dahlgren District is further ahead than the other districts in many ways. The stated objective of the comprehensive plan is to stay rural. These gentlemen state this as their campaign slogan each time. How has this been demonstrated? By opening another Dollar Store?

Ms. Brabo is the more forward-thinking. When her experience and enthusiasm is reconsidered, her fresh outlook for King George could be an asset as a viable part of the team.

Howard Yarus