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Chance placement of signal at train station

Date published: 2/11/2014

Chance placement of signal at train station

As a commuter who boards the VRE from the Fredericksburg station, I urgently suggest that a pedestrian crosswalk signal, displaying seconds until the light changes, be placed at the intersection of Lafayette Boulevard and Caroline Street facing the corner opposite from the train station.

Because Caroline Street is one-way, the existing traffic light has no "face" in this direction. While pedestrians crossing Lafayette can look at the light from the side to see whether traffic on the boulevard has a red or green signal, they are "blind" to the Caroline Street traffic light, and they are unaware if it is yellow or if the Lafayette light is about to turn green. As a result, they may venture out into the street and be midway across when the Lafayette signal suddenly turns green.

Add to this the drivers and pedestrians who are caught up in the morning rush for the train station and you have a recipe for disaster. I believe one pedestrian was already struck by a car at this intersection. The proactive placement of a pedestrian signal at this intersection could prevent future tragedies.

Collette Caprara