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For this reader, 'five fixes' don't work

Date published: 2/12/2014

Here is my response to "Five fixes to help the planet," [Feb. 1]:

Carbon tax: Ridiculous. A carbon tax will hit people in lower income brackets the hardest with increased transportation costs and heating costs that take away from their ability to purchase other goods needed to enhance economic growth. Billions have been lost in government investments in alternative energy projects. Alternative energy systems will work only when it is economically feasible in the free market.

Pursue full employment: The Fed's near-zero interest rates created by the Fed releasing $10 billion per month into the economy has been disastrous. It has artificially inflated the stock market. It has allowed big business to take nearly free money to streamline companies, which results in a loss of jobs through automated and offshore manufacturing. In addition, when the fed infuses the economy with money, the interest rates go down and affect the purchasing power of seniors who depend on higher interest certificate dividends for income.

Labor law reform: Present union negotiating demand unrealistic benefits for its members and often lead to corporate bankruptcies, which diminish employment rates. They also lead to higher consumer prices that directly affect the consumer purchasing power and reduce our competitive advantage with foreign markets. It is also the main reason why many companies revert to foreign manufacturing.

Public investment in energy: Like that has worked well! Solyndra (solar panels), Fisker (a Finnish car manufacturer), a solar energy company in the West, and a battery manufacturing company in Detroit (went bankrupt and was purchased by China) and others.

A financial speculation tax: The only good option suggested.

Robert Schuchart

Colonial Beach