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Affordable Care Act called a leftist ploy

Date published: 2/14/2014

Affordable Care Act called a leftist ploy

Fellow Americans! A comparative study and analysis of Obamacare with socialistic medical systems in other countries leads me to conclude that ours has nothing to do with making health care affordable.

As this program unravels itself, it is all about setting up a vast leftist bureaucracy to "control the people."

Why do I say this? I have lived and worked in many leftist countries throughout the world and became cognizant of the fact that Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet communist state, was well apprised of the fact that once you guide the people's access to health care, you control their lives.

So, where are we? The American left is a strong believer in this approach and is, therefore, pushing hard to "fundamentally transform America" (Obama's words) primarily through Obamacare.

I pray that through our strong prayerful effort, our Creator does not permit this.

James J. Villalobos