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Bring those lost jobs back to the U.S.

Date published: 2/14/2014

Bring those lost jobs back to the U.S.

There is only one logical way to increase jobs and improve the standard of living in America. Unfortunately, large corporations seeking larger profits and Wall Street investors have sent 11 million manufacturing jobs off to foreign shores. Some are coming back, but they are very few in number.

When I was growing up in Lynchburg, people had jobs in factories making furniture and textiles. Now, those jobs have disappeared to cheaper foreign manufacturers.

Our political leaders get elected by stating they will create jobs. Tell me how jobs can be created for middle-class Americans when most of the jobs have been given to other countries.

If we want to have a strong middle class, we have to start making and buying American-made products from American companies. Changing our buying habits would compel those companies to establish more manufacturing in this country.

America, as proved during World War II, can manufacture more products than any other country. Ask your congressional representatives to make all trade laws unilateral, equal, for a change.

If the U.S. government charged higher import duties and added a value-added tax on vehicles, textiles, appliances, etc., that would decrease profits for companies that use overseas manufacturing. This action could force them to bring the jobs back to this country.

If foreign countries restrict the quantity of products we can ship to them, why can't we place restrictions on imports?

Yes, I know some corporations would never support this; they would say it would increase their costs and cause higher prices. Politics would certainly come into play. Maybe it would, but what is best for America--more jobs, a stronger economy and a better life for everyone, or larger corporate profits?

Duncan E. McCarter