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Ag teacher had big impact on young lives

Date published: 2/16/2014

Ag teacher had big impact on young lives

How refreshing to read the article about Caroline High School agriculture teacher Hunter Gravatt ["Caroline farmer back in the classroom," Feb. 6].

My son and daughter are both Caroline High School graduates who were fortunate to have agriculture teachers in middle school and high school who taught them so many important lessons about the land, but also about leadership and public speaking.

Caroline High School has produced many Virginia state FFA officers who have gone on to be agriculture teachers and leaders in their chosen careers.

Both of my children have always felt fortunate to have teachers who made such an impact on their lives.

I wish Mr. Gravatt the very best in his new position. In years to come, he will have so much satisfaction in knowing what an influence he had on these future leaders' lives.

Joyce A. Hayden