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Don't let Virginia become like New York

Date published: 2/18/2014

I write this letter because I am a concerned resident of Virginia, and I want the governor and attorney general of Virginia to know that I don't want Virginia to be like New York state.

Medina, N.Y., is about 365 miles from New York City. Crewe, Va., is about 386 miles from New York City. Crewe is a much better place to live because of the lower crime rate and taxes. Higher taxes do not help keep crime down.

It was nothing new to me when detectives found dozens of small packages of heroin in the West Village apartment of Philip Seymour Hoffman, the actor who died on Feb. 2.

Even a doctor who worked at Medina Memorial Hospital in Medina, N.Y., was sentenced on federal drug charges last month. He now faces state charges.

New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced on Feb. 6 that Daniel C. Gillick, who was arrested in the emergency room, has been charged with illegally selling prescription drugs.

Medina has a long history of drug issues. One can stand almost anywhere in Medina and see a drug deal take place. Schneiderman did a good job on the ER drug bust at Medina Memorial Hospital.

We have to get back on track and back the people who are going to get the job done. Schneiderman has been cleaning up towns all over New York. He is letting people know that if they're going to sell and use drugs, those towns are no longer the towns to do it in.

Schneiderman has taken a vital leadership role in coming down hard on crooks. We need to support this: No playing around or sidestepping the war on drugs, suicides, drug-fueled murders, accidents, etc.

Show me a society with lots of drugs that has a low crime rate. It doesn't happen.

Jay D. Fuller