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Help put an end to 'fox torturing' in Virginia

Date published: 2/18/2014

Help put an end to 'fox torturing' in Virginia

Did you know that since dog fighting has been outlawed, "fox torturing" has flourished in Virginia?

What is fox torture? It is where wild foxes are trapped and sold to fox-torture property owners. The fox is placed in an enclosed pen and the owners of these properties then hold fox-torture events where an admission fee is charged for spectators, bets placed on which owner's dog will torture the fox first and prizes for the winners.

This is a hugely profitable business based on the life of a wild animal. Virginia wildlife is trapped, abused and barbarically shredded to pieces by many dogs for gambling and profit. The fox stands no chance in unfamiliar territory and has already been injured, terrified, starved and given no water prior to being released to the pen.

This is a cruel, unethical and unacceptable practice. It has been condemned by a broad coalition of Virginians. It clearly violates the concepts of fair chase, flouts the tenets of sound wildlife management and shamelessly pits animals against each other for entertainment and profit.

More than 7,000 foxes have been imported to Virginia to enable this massacre to flourish. There are not sufficient resources for monitoring the spread of diseases, sustainability or the barbaric nature of this practice.

In Richmond, Senate Bill 42 seeks to do away with this hideous and barbaric practice. The vast majority of Virginians are against this practice and yet it continues year after year. Enough is enough. I urge all Virginians who respect and appreciate wildlife to immediately call your legislator's office and let them know you are in support of SB 42.

There are no conditions whereby this practice is justifiable, legal or acceptable in our society. Virginia wildlife is yours, is mine and is not for sale!

Marie Kelly