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Immigration 'reform'? Enforce laws we have now

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Date published: 3/9/2014

Major issues that concern Americans are the economy, jobs, the budget deficit and energy independence. The current administration, however, chose instead to wreck our health care system under the guise of making health care "affordable." That hasn't worked out so well for hardworking Americans who have paid their own way.

Immigration reform is the next target in the president's quest to "fundamentally transform America." He and some members of Congress say we need "comprehensive immigration reform," and say that most Americans agree with them. I doubt that.

Enforcing current laws is a novel idea and would be reform in itself, but the president and attorney general will not faithfully execute current immigration laws as they are legally bound to do. Why should we have confidence that they'll enforce new laws?

People who enter this country illegally are breaking the law. Legal citizens who break the law are punished. Why should illegal aliens be treated any differently? Instead, they are rewarded with driver's licenses, in-state tuition and the right to vote in some cities and states.

The unemployment rate among legal minorities is in the double digits. The U.S. doesn't need more unskilled workers. We need more jobs for unemployed Americans. Millions of illegal aliens are already living and working in the U.S., many on expired visas. Deportation is not an option for all trespassers. If those who entered illegally want to stay here, they should be required under existing law to come forward voluntarily to register and be counted. It's a privilege for foreigners to live and work in the U.S., not a right.

The federal government must first secure our borders and enforce current immigration laws.

Linda Gray Coates

Colonial Beach