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Rollin was a treasure--musically, too

Date published: 3/9/2014

Rollin was a treasure--musically, too

Thank you for the wonderful article about my friend Rollin Wehman ["Riverside family mourns," Feb. 21].

However, you missed an important segment of his life. He served as minister of music at Fredericksburg Baptist Church.

During that time, he exposed us to many different types of music and took us to sing in several churches in the area. He taught us to sing in different languages. The chancel and chapel choirs made a record of "The Seven Last Words of Christ," by Theodore Dubois.

This unforgettable experience was enhanced by organist Mary Joanne Curnutt, pianist Shirley Onderdonk and timpanist Charles McDaniel. Among the soloists were G.M. Haney, recently retired city treasurer.

Rollin spent many hours on this project. I never knew how many records were produced, sold or distributed. But I do know what I learned from this experience--that we always did our best and that every performance was for the glory of our Lord, not for boosting our ego.

Rollin practiced with us many hours until we had our music polished and perfect. We could tell when he was pleased; a small smile would quickly turn into a larger smile. It was worth the wait.

Harvey Cloe, Rudy Bowie, Floyd Ferguson, the Rev. J. Howard Cates, Rollin and I were also soloists.

This period was just before Rollin opened the dinner theater in the George Washington Inn.

Fredericksburg is blessed to have been the home of Rollin Wehman and to have been the recipient of his many talents over the years. I'm sure he is busy writing a new chorale or musical. He knows we are on our way.

Faith Moss Prescott