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In gratitude to an unknown young man

Date published: 3/16/2014

In gratitude to an unknown young man

I am an 84-year-oId female. On Feb. 27, I was walking along Sophia Street in the morning and tripped and fell to the ground. I could not get up.

I saw a young man running toward me. He helped me get up and made sure I could stay up. There was blood flowing. I told him I went to the gym that backs to the parking area. He immediately went inside and got my trainer, Wayne, who came right out with another trainer.

We went back into the gym, where Wayne and another trainer cleaned up the blood on my face and bandaged the cuts. Wayne took me to the emergency room, and I spent quite a bit of time there.

I am writing to thank that young man for helping me. I asked for his name and address so I could properly thank him. He wouldn't give it to me and said a hug would be enough. So I hugged him. He followed us to the gym, and I think he wanted to be sure I was OK. Then he disappeared.

I might mention all of the cars that passed me by as I was lying on the concrete and trying to get up with blood flowing. They must be very proud of themselves for the help they didn't give me.

I do thank that young man who helped me, and hope he gets the message. Also, I want to thank whoever raised him. They did a great job.

Arden Sellgren