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Moore's dissent on climate change ignored

Date published: 3/25/2014

Moore's dissent on climate change ignored

Finally! Just as I was about to give up on the editorial pages of The Free Lance-Star, you publish the well-reasoned and fair column ["'Settled' science isn't always necessarily so," Viewpoints, March 16] by John R. Christy, climate scientist and professor at the University of Alabama, Huntsville.

Occasionally, informed voices of reason and moderation do speak out on climate change, and the media actually pay attention. Thank you, FLS.

Another dissenting scientist, Patrick Moore (Ph.D. in ecology and an early member of Greenpeace) appeared before a U.S. Senate committee in February.

He testified that no proof whatever exists that human activity causes climate change. Moore says he left Greenpeace because it had become more interested in politics than science. And that is exactly what is wrong with the whole debate.

The scientific method can't work as intended with the liberal bias of big government interfering. Predictably, mainstream media ignored Moore and his Senate testimony.

Supporters of the "Climate Change/Global Warming Complex" argue that consensus alone is proof that human activity is to blame for the C02 that causes global warming.

One must remember, however, it wasn't that long ago that the consensus view among some of the greatest minds in Europe was that the Earth was flat.

James G. Ellis