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Traditional journalism gave rise to Fox News

Date published: 3/27/2014

This is in response to Karen Owen's March 23 column ["When even facts are up for debate"].

She fails to understand that it is precisely the arrogance of the one-size-fits-all traditional "journalism" cult that gave rise to Fox News.

Her opinion provided a rare, but illuminating, look inside the minds of those who advocate an American public that is force-fed liberal philosophy from a media feeding tube.

"Tolerant" progressives ceaselessly lambaste Fox News and attack its credibility and credit-worthiness as an honest news source.

Every time I see a bumper sticker that reads "I get my news from the Comedy Channel and my comedy from Fox News," I realize this strategy is working, unfortunately. However, it certainly attests to the brain activity of the driver and the party vying for his vote.

Does Ms. Owen think that Fox News correspondents are the only ones making incredulous facial expressions? Take five minutes to watch any show on MSNBC--you know, the channel that replaces hosts every few months because of hateful outbursts. Tell me which Fox News host compares to the antics of Ed Schultz on "The Ed Show"?

Ms. Owen's opinion highlights the fallacy of liberal political thought. The liberals think they know best. They think people are unable to think for themselves. To some degree, they're correct, but these are the misinformed people who rely on traditional news services. Their intolerance of opposing views is sad.

To claim that Fox News has exacerbated the polarization of this country is in itself polarizing.

Mark Stewart