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Keep up the good work, Free Lance-Star

Date published: 3/28/2014

Keep up the good work, Free Lance-Star

I have just finished a pleasant Sunday ritual--a late brunch while reading the The Free Lance-Star.

Unlike recent writers complaining about what they believe are changes in the paper, I find that it presents many points of view in its commentary, columns and letters, along with comprehensive regional coverage of local and national issues.

Every section of the paper gives readers interesting articles and features in addition to the news stories one would expect. Commentary, Opinion, Viewpoints, Food, Sports, Life, Travel, Family, Home, Healthy Life, Focus and Weekender offer a wealth of diverse information each week.

My Nebraska sister, in big farm country, has no paper because the area's regional newspapers have not survived the new business models. Therefore, no newspaper of any kind is available in her town--neither home delivery nor store pickup. The only way for her to obtain a paper is via the U.S. Postal Service, a day late. She would be grateful for a daily.

And so, for those seemingly hard-to-please and disturbed subscribers, I offer an alternative--unsubscribe.

But for me, I say, "Keep up the great work, Free Lance-Star."

Joan Bergstrom