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Let us consider what is age-appropriate

Date published: 3/30/2014

Let us consider what is age-appropriate

My mother taught me the concept of age-appropriateness. Two recent articles in the newspaper made me wonder if the concept is even understood today.

One detailed an elementary school student telling the Stafford County School Board that she didn't want to attend school on Saturday or holidays ["Stafford students to keep weekend," March 12].

Well, hold the presses for that headline! Why is an elementary school student even at such a meeting? And why would such a board consider her opinion, anyway?

The other was the U.S. Supreme Court decision on a high school barring students from wearing "Save the Boobies" wristbands, which it considered inappropriate ["Court rejects 'boobies' case," March 11].

Consider the different implications of that phrase on an adolescent boy (or younger) or those dealing with, suffering through or recovering from breast cancer.

If we could return to the age-old concept that not everything is appropriate for every age, perhaps these two examples and countless others would not be clogging our courts or school board meetings.

I taught my daughter a simple rule: When you're 10 years old, do what 10-year-olds do. When you're 16, do what 16-year-olds do.

Keep going. Say it to yourself. You'll catch on in a little bit.

Joseph Herron