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Raise fines on I-95

Date published: 3/30/2014

Raise fines on I-95

How many more bus, truck or car crashes on Interstate 95 through Stafford County can this area endure?

It seems two days cannot pass without our hearing about a horrific accident or an overturned vehicle that brings the area to a complete standstill.

I applaud the Virginia State Police for doing their very best to enforce the law on both the northbound and southbound lanes of I-95 between U.S. 17 and Garrisonville Road. Rarely can one travel between those two points without seeing a trooper either enforcing the law or in the median waiting to catch an offender.

I am hesitant to suggest an even greater number of troopers, as it's obvious that they are there.

Perhaps their presence could be enhanced by additional signage or flashing message boards proclaiming "High-Enforcement Corridor." Or "To date, X number of moving violations cited here." Additionally, how about increases in fines--double or triple what one ordinarily would pay?

There are areas of this country that have notorious reputations for no-questions-asked heavy fines, strict enforcement and high penalties for offenders.

I-95 through Stafford County should be nationally known as one of those areas.

James Scott Baron