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Member of '64 Indians congratulates champs

Date published: 4/1/2014

Member of '64 Indians congratulates champs

I would like to add my voice to those congratulating the Colonial Forge Eagles in their 58-54 victory over Lands-town in the 6A State Championship basketball game on March 14.

Reading your March 14 editorial about the "High-flying Eagles" and the Stafford High Indians traveling to Blacksburg and losing 78-52 to Martinsville High in the state Division I-B basketball championship game in March 1964 brought back a lot of memories.

I was not only a member of that 1964 Stafford Indians basketball team, I was one of the two African-American members on that team.

Stafford High School had integrated its sports teams the previous year.

As a team, we were happy and proud of our accomplishments in reaching that point. After the game, we were very disappointed because we felt we had let our school and Coach Jack Pack down.

Coach Pack talked to us, advised us to hold our heads high and congratulated us for advancing as far as we did.

Again, I offer my sincere congratulations to the Colonial Forge High School boys basketball team. "Hail to the Champions."

Bernard L. White