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Are we the laughingstock of the world?

Date published: 4/2/2014

Are we the laughingstock of the world?

Where have all the Virginians gone? Virginia--the mother of presidents, father of the Constitution--is now governed by and represented in the United States Senate by carpetbaggers.

Are there no Washingtons, Jeffersons or Monroes left? Warner and Kaine are both yes men to Obama, who campaigned on a promise to change our form of government and is in the process of doing just that.

Obama rules by decree and has no use for the Constitution much in the manner of Putin. Putin also has a pen and can use it, as he proved in annexing part of two neighboring countries, Georgia and Ukraine.

We are now the laughingstock of the world. What country in its right mind would depend on a nation led by an appeaser? Our two senators have never seen a decree by Obama that they didn't like; they have endorsed everything he has proposed from health care to his appointees to important positions that control our lives.

The fault is ours. We have let transplants in Northern Virginia and Tidewater elect our leaders.

Surely we can do better, and for the future of our state and our children we had better. The Republicans had better stop bickering and pick someone who will restore the commonwealth and country to its lost greatness.

Frederic B. Miller