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Condition of house lost in K.G. fire is disputed

Date published: 4/2/2014

This is in response to the March 12 article titled "Blaze destroys historic plantation house in K.G."

I am the daughter of the "person who lived in the house" that was completely destroyed by the fire. I appreciate the opportunity to clarify some of facts cited in this article.

My mother has owned the house for 50 years. My sister also resided in the house and escaped physically unharmed. However, multiple family pets--dogs and cats--were taken by the fire.

My mother and father (until his death) have been fanatically dedicated to maintaining the historical integrity of the house.

The article stated that the house had "gotten rundown in recent years." The only time it could have been considered rundown was at the time my parents purchased the house.

They devoted significant effort, time and money to reinstate the house and its interior to its original beauty.

The original wallpaper was still in the parlor. My mother had the cabinets in the basement dining room and the wood-burning stove, including the hardware, in the basement kitchen restored to their original conditions.

More recently, she spent an inordinate amount of money to replace the roof on the entire house with tin rather than much-less-expensive alternatives, simply because a tin roof was part of the original house.

The original part of the house was constructed in the 18th century, not "probably" the 19th, as stated in the article.

I wish to express my apologies for the damages to the fire hoses and the fire trucks that got stuck in the mud, and my sincere thanks to the firefighters and EMTs.

Cassandra Hoppe