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Moveon.org attack on Howell unwarranted

Date published: 4/4/2014

As expected, the latest effusion regarding the Medicaid expansion from Moveon.org, funded by far leftist billionaire George Soros, is a personal attack on Speaker of the House Bill Howell, who has opposed this ill-advised move.

It seems senseless to expand a program rife with fraud, abuse and waste without addressing those issues.

The program devours about a fifth of the general fund and grows like a malignancy. And remember that the Attorney General's office won almost $200 million in Medicaid fraud cases last year.

Rather than discuss these issues, the governor wishes to force the passage of the expansion by attaching it to the budget bill, apparently feeling it could not pass on its own.

If he feels that the merits of Medicaid warrant passage, let him remove it from the budget and let it be considered separately.

Leonard Bogaev