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Forever grateful to Mary Washington Hospital

Date published: 4/6/2014

Forever grateful to Mary Washington Hospital

Over the years, I have experienced an abundance of God's wonders and blessings; both material and spiritual. What an amazing journey.

Spiritually, He guides me daily and is ever-present in my life. And while it has not always been so, I could not imagine having made this journey without him.

Materially, this is evident through the sheer joy of life itself and the many warm and enduring relationships I've made with others, despite some interesting curves that life has thrown at me.

Age-related issues in particular have resulted in my being on a first-name basis with my doctors and pharmacists. Such was the case recently when I was rushed to Mary Washington Hospital with chest pains. The following three days were filled with numerous tests for what was expected to be heart-related issues.

During my stay, the doctors, nurses and aides were wonderful, from the emergency room to the testing locations. The experience has added a few more people to my ever-expanding first-name-basis list.

So in light of an occasional or infrequent negativism reflected at our hospital, I'd like to commend all those who cared for me while I was hospitalized. This letter is not intended to single out or embarrass any of them in particular, but simply to say I will be forever grateful.

David Lee Chichester