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Up to parents, not law, to teach gun sense

Date published: 4/6/2014

Up to parents, not law, to teach gun sense

This is in response to the March 30 editorial titled "Guns and health."

The editorial was textbook sophistry, the calculated attempt of the adroit to manipulate the simple by crafting a point of view in the context of feigned objectivity. Fundamentally deceptive, laughable and arrogant.

The "entire 200,000-member American Medical Association" does not endorse "stricter gun laws." I have met gun-toting pro-Second Amendment doctors.

If "brain lock" was contagious, this editorial would clear the IQ of the entire Harvard professorial staff.

But the mention of the baby in the crib with a pistol instead of a rattle--hey, you're onto something.

My dad taught my brothers and me to shoot, hunt and fish. I learned firearm handling and safety early. I later joined the Navy and enjoyed many years as a tactical naval aviator.

One of the qualifications to enter the military was to have a clean criminal record. Because I had not murdered anyone with my one rifle and dad's shotguns, I was permitted to join the Navy. Furthermore, I never strafed any kids' playgrounds in San Diego or bombed any Virginia Beach schools. Finally, I retired to join the hundreds of thousands of fellow veterans who returned to civilian life to raise kids the right way.

In summary, all of my guns have killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy's car and Hillary Clinton's State Department policies.

Saying that guns "kill more than 30,000 Americans" each year is another of the tired liberal mantras of spin. But when put in the correct context, this zips the lips of such nonsense. The simple-minded are led to believe that Rugers and Glocks march around all by themselves, shooting people.

My dad was and is not perfect, but he was engaged with his sons. My parents taught us right from wrong.

The editorial used a throat lozenge to address a sucking chest wound. The fact is, the U.S. is missing a huge segment of dads, a gaping hole that cannot be filled by the latest anti-gun policy. We need engaged and loving dads, not more anti-gun lectures and laws from the illiterate liberal elite.

As Abraham Lincoln said, "We have forgotten God." We continue to do so at our peril, and we continue to see the U.S. spiraling into an abyss.

Michael S. Shelton