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Stafford leaders don't value education

Date published: 4/7/2014

I am extremely disappointed in the Stafford County School Board and Board of Supervisors. Not only are they showing they don't respect the teachers of Stafford County, but also that they don't value education.

I understand that these are tough times, but Stafford is the ninth-richest county in the whole country. Yet we have the lowest starting salaries in the Fredericksburg area, and we are lagging in educational spending per student compared with rest of the nation.

One of the supervisors last year said that Stafford County is closer to Spotsylvania than Fairfax and Prince William counties. However, according to a recent Washington Post article, Stafford County is actually richer than Prince William County.

How do you expect to attract and retain strong educators when we have to work two and three jobs just to meet our basic needs?

Stop catering to the businesses and builders, and stop giving them five- to 10-year tax breaks.

Stafford leaders should show that they value education, as many of them said in their campaign speeches. Or were they like all politicians, just looking to their future at the expense of the hard-working people of Stafford County?

Christopher Charles