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Six good reasons to vote to expand Medicaid

Date published: 4/8/2014

Considering all the ink that has been spent of late on the Medicaid expansion, I come away with the following facts.

First, the state would receive $5 million per day for some period of time. This is our tax money, and we should get it.

Second, the Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission that was created last year apparently has come up with little trend information that would help in reaching a conclusion on this issue. At least, I have seen nothing published that I can recall. Can't something be reported on its activities and findings?

Third, some 400,000 people would benefit from the expansion. If you stand this many people shoulder to shoulder, they would form a line 151.51 miles long. Fourth, the opposition seems to be based on a fear that the federal government might not be able to come through on its end of the deal. Yet our governor has offered to try the program out for two years, so where's the problem?

Fifth, I have read that hospitals will close if this expansion is not adopted. Finally, greater minds than mine have held that a society can be judged by the way its elderly, its less fortunate and its animals are treated. If Virginia is to refuse this expansion and thus decline assistance to people and medical institutions, I don't think it gets a very high mark.

Marion Dongieux

Mount Holly