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Speak up for the children already born

Date published: 4/9/2014

Speak up for the children already born

If you were not having the greatest day already, you probably would not have wanted to read Leonard Pitts' March 25 column titled "Spare some moral outrage for the born, too."

There is an old saying that love is blind. The problem with love is that its close companion is passion. And, if you're too passionate and zealous about something, well, reason walks right out the door.

Maybe that's why Ghanson Debrosse didn't have anyone looking out for him.

We look religious only some of the time, but we are not religious folk all of the time. Unfortunately, some of those times are critical ones, life-and-death situations.

We are so fanatical at times; we become blinded by our special causes.

There are human beings living right under our noses who need serious help--such as Ghanson Debrosse and Logan Hancock. But no one goes to the trouble to speak up for them, or at least not enough.

Mr. Pitts' op-ed was a rather gripping and appalling observation regarding the dreadful treatment by some of young children.

It's too bad that it's all too true concerning what some of our youngest members of society must endure because no one is speaking up for them after they are born!

Brenda Hamilton Hynson

King George