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Litter clouds the beauty of a new hometown

Date published: 4/9/2014

Litter clouds the beauty of a new hometown

I did it! I finally moved to Fredericksburg--a desire of mine since the early 1990s, when I visited this quaint, historic town.

This beautiful 'Burg embodies all that is good about the United States. The terrain is lovely, the rich American history that dwells here inspires the soul and instills a sense of patriotism and pride. The plethora of events and activities could keep you busy for the rest of your life.

This is my home now, and I couldn't be more proud to call it that.

One thing, however, that saddens me is the abundance of litter I see. It breaks my heart to see such carelessness. It is scattered along the roadways, highways, streets and bridges--cups, bottles, bags, rugs, laundry baskets, you name it. I've even seen entire bags full of garbage just spilling out along the roads.

Do people have no regard for the environment? No pride in their hometown? No respect for the law?

Am I the only one who has noticed this? I've seen several signs reminding us that littering is illegal. Even the signs have trash surrounding them.

I don't like to draw attention to a problem without proposing solutions, so consider these:

1) Encourage police to step up enforcement of littering laws. Stop the perpetrators and issue fines. Word spreads if there is money involved.

2) Encourage businesses or community groups to develop cleanup teams to pick up trash along the highways. In return, they get increased goodwill and perhaps free advertising on roadside signs.

3) Put nonviolent inmates to work as cleanup crews.

These are not new ideas, but we have to do something. Please don't toss out your garbage. Put it in its proper place.

I have been picking up the trash I come across. Perhaps those who see me do it will start doing the same. Together, we can make this a more beautiful place than it already is.

Karina Nott