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Medicaid expansion isn't a free ride

Date published: 4/9/2014

Medicaid expansion isn't a free ride

Everyone who needs medical treatment should be able to receive it, but the question of who is required to pay for it is really adding confusion to our state budget.

Gov. McAuliffe has stated he strongly supports expanding the medical program for the poor to include 400,000 more Virginians and accepting the "free" federal funds that come with it.

The only money the federal government has is what it takes in taxes from the citizens, and that has fallen woefully short of this administration's expenses.

Federal programs are now financed only by raising the debt limit and redistributing funds already appropriated.

Remember how President Obama "saved" $720 billion from Medicare to help pay for the Affordable Care Act? Those funds, which were approved to pay for medical care for seniors, are now being used to greatly expand the federal bureaucracy (to include 18,000 new IRS agents) to enforce the provisions of ACA.

The federal funds to expand Medicaid are designed to be temporary, then the cost of "free" money will be borne by all Virginians.

When we live on debt, there are only two ways out: either bankruptcy or we pay it down. There seems to be no stomach to live within our means.

Raising the debt limit is the only way to increase these social programs that make more people dependent on the government, therefore creating more Democrats.

Since we now have more people who vote for a living than those who work for a living, I fully expect to see the current state budget battle result in either a state government shutdown or the media piling on to show how the Republicans' unwillingness to compromise will not allow government functions to continue.

Does it bother anyone else that government shutdowns are caused by the Republicans while the Democrats never even allow discussion of their debt-dependent programs?

Dale Ross