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Indifference can lead to 'horrendous behaviors'

Date published: 4/10/2014

Indifference can lead to 'horrendous behaviors'

The mainstream media filter the news. Readers either never see the item or hear only one side of the argument, so biased has journalism become.

As a result, I have had to rely more and more on the alternative media and on the foreign press as well, because the latter usually does not have a dog in the fight.

An article that recently appeared in Britain's Telegraph starkly illustrates the decadence that a secular and socialist society can descend to.

When governments have little regard for the beginning and end of life, its agencies can exhibit horrendous behaviors.

It appears that a number of hospitals in the United Kingdom were incinerating the remains of aborted and stillborn babies, often without consulting the mother, and callously using them to generate heat and power for the hospital.

These sacred creations received what amounted to the disposal of a dead puppy instead of dignified treatment.

Of course, when exposed, those responsible for hospital administration feigned ignorance and condemned the practice and stopped it.

Were you not apprised of this embryonic holocaust? Blame a growing indifference to the lives of the most helpless among us. What have we become? What is happening in this country?

Bob Taubert