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We should show math's practical applications

Date published: 4/10/2014

We should show math's practical applications

Edward Frenkel's comments on the math curriculum are well-founded ["How our math curriculum cheats our kids," March 30].

I recall the day that a student in my AP physics class asked what my all-time favorite course was. I replied that it was titled "Functions of a Complex Variable."

I explained that I had an epiphany the day I realized that this form of math allowed one to obtain an exact solution to a heat transfer problem that typically required use of a non-ending Fourier series.

I also mentioned that my favorite equation was Euler's identity. The reaction of my students was disbelief that I could have found this so fascinating.

When we teach children math, we must also show how powerful it can be in solving scientific and engineering problems!

William L. R. Rice