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Without expansion, Virginians will suffer

Date published: 4/10/2014

On April 6, "60 Minutes" did a segment about the Health Wagon, an RV that travels to areas where people do not have health care.

These people do not have the money to go to see a doctor or purchase health insurance. Some of them are dying because they can't afford medical treatment.

This is happening not in a Third World country, but in Virginia.

Virginia prides itself on being one of the 26 states that will not take federal money [for Medicaid expansion] to provide health care for its residents.

Guess what all these states have in common? Republican governments.

To make a political point, these states have no problem watching their residents suffer with health conditions that will eventually kill them and are treatable if dealt with in a timely manner.

If these states, Virginia included, have such a problem taking federal money, then we should stop taking all federal money and we can see how well the state will survive.

How do Bill Howell and his boys feel about watching the residents of Virginia suffer? I know they will come back with some politically meaningless junk about how the future of the state will fall apart if we take the money--but, really, look at these suffering people and show some of your Christian conservatism, and love thy neighbor as thyself.

Elliot Hatfield