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Howell misguided to reject Medicaid money

Date published: 4/11/2014

I have always considered Fredericksburg the hometown of the Maryes of Virginia and have taken great pride in that identity.

I have also had great respect for the political representatives Fredericksburg has sent to the Virginia General Assembly.

State Sen. John Chichester is one of them.

While on occasion we differed on various issues, I always respected his leadership ability and his devotion to the best interest of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He was truly a wonderful man who wore no man's collar.

While it is certainly an honor to have the speaker of the House of Delegates from one's locality, I find that rather than provide the strong leadership expected of that office, the speaker is more of a follower of the RCA Rude, Crude and Abrasive) Republicans who occupy Washington these days.

The speaker leads the opposition in the opportunity to secure from the federal government $2 billion intended to provide 30,000 of our least fortunate Virginians with health care.

I am truly surprised that Virginia can do without this $2 billion of taxpayer money, which would be returned to the Commonwealth. If the state is that well off, perhaps we shouldn't pay any taxes at all.

I ask Mr. Speaker to search his heart and answer the question, "What would Jesus do?"

Madison E. Marye


The writer is a former state senator.