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A budget lesson for Stafford supervisors

Date published: 4/13/2014

A budget lesson for Stafford supervisors

How hard can it be to educate Stafford County's Board of Supervisors? It seems that the board--composed of adults who should be able to add one plus one and get two--continues to ignore reality. It's no wonder that Stafford's teachers are moving to counties where education is supported.

How many years has the School Board asked for adequate funding for schools only to be rejected time and time again? The supervisors are willing to allow growth all over the county without understanding how this growth affects Stafford's schools.

For too many years, numerous people have voiced thousands of words, written hundreds of letters, spoken until hoarse in defense of Stafford's schools, to no avail.

Trying to educate the Board of Supervisors is difficult. The educational field is difficult, but you will find underpaid teachers returning to their students day after day, year after year, even though they're under-appreciated by a stubborn Board of Supervisors.

At some point, these teachers must assess their personal budgets and seek a better environment. And as high-quality teachers seek a more appreciative climate, it is inevitable that the quality of education in Stafford County will become sub-par.

As this occurs, perhaps the Board of Supervisors will open their collective mind to understand the importance of quality educators to not only Stafford County's growth but to this country, as well.

Deborah W. Gregory