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Drivers, be aware of buses and their cargo

Date published: 4/13/2014

Drivers, be aware of buses and their cargo

One recent morning, I almost lost the most precious person in my life, my son.

At 7:05 a.m., my son's school bus arrived on Fletchers Chapel Road in King George County. He was goofing around, but was preparing to cross the road. The bus driver had put up the stop sign for approaching drivers to stop.

I looked up and saw a black Honda SUV stop right at the sign--not a few feet back, which is where you are required to stop.

I don't why the car stopped so close to the sign, but for once I'm glad my son took his time crossing the road. It probably saved him from being hit by the SUV. It took all I had to not jump out of the car and say something to the driver.

I am writing to remind drivers to please slow down and be alert, because school buses are everywhere in the morning.

The bus drivers have enough to worry about; their precious cargo--our children--are on those buses.

Drivers need to help protect the children on the outside of the buses. School is still in session for a few more months.

I don't want someone to lose a child because you forgot to slow down or were not paying attention! Our children are too special.

Kristine Probus

King George