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Aging happens to all

Date published: 4/13/2014

Aging happens to all

My wife of 45 years is disabled. I never thought it would get here, but here it is.

When we said our wedding vows in Stafford County many years ago, I remember the phrase "for better or worse." I have now developed osteoporosis, so it is difficult to get the chores done, including helping my loving wife with her needs.

I guess the theme of this letter is to not underestimate the aging process. I feel young, but my body is beginning to feel old. I fight it, but I know time is against me.

My kids are a help, but I don't want to be an anchor to them.

The part that I regret is not being there for the grandchildren. I can barely make it downstairs in the morning.

My message is for you younger folks to make the most of life and your families before it is too late.

Gerald Mullinix