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A good school system requires funding

Date published: 4/13/2014

Stafford County students and teachers need our help.

Please ask the following questions. If you like the answers you get, do nothing. But if you don't, get involved. Contact the Stafford County Board of Supervisors and School Board, attend a meeting and speak up.

Ask a student these questions: Are any of your classes overcrowded? Do you have the same technology and materials that your friends in other schools have? Is your favorite teacher still teaching in Stafford County? How often does your bus break down?

Ask a teacher these questions: Do you feel valued? Do you earn enough to live in Stafford County? Do you work more than one job to support your family? Are you seeking employment in a neighboring county that pays more?

Ask a retired teacher who was loyal and committed to Stafford County these questions: Was it a hardship to lose 30 percent of your Bridge retirement last year? How stressful are the current discussions to cut the Voluntary Retiree Extended Work Program entirely, and to lose your promised health care retirement benefits?

Ask a teacher recruiter these questions: How many teachers are seeking out Stafford County as their first choice to teach?

Ask a Stafford homeowner these questions: As the Stafford school system deteriorates, do you feel the value of your home will deteriorate?

I have asked these questions and I am saddened by the responses I've gotten. I've attended School Board and Board of Supervisors meetings.

Please join me in asking the Board of Supervisors to fully fund education and to make education a priority. Please restore the Stafford County school system to a top-notch level again.

Luralee Cornwell