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Don't make more cuts in Medicare Advantage

Date published: 4/15/2014

Don't make more cuts in Medicare Advantage

Like many senior citizens in this country, I am concerned about the possibility of additional government cuts to the Medicare Advantage program, especially since they would come on top of the $200 billion previously taken since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010.

I have the UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan. Thus far, I am very satisfied with it. Most of my out-of-pocket costs are for prescriptions. The co-pay for my regular doctor is $10, and for a specialist it is $20. These fees are affordable. I don't have dental coverage, however, because it's too expensive.

I would not like to see any more cuts to Medicare Advantage insurance plans. It would be very difficult to live on a fixed income, as many of us senior citizens do, if the fees for health services keep increasing. I guess there would just be less money for supper because higher costs always impact people's budgets.

When finances are depleted, it diminishes the overall health and well-being of those who are affected. Things don't have to be this way, and they shouldn't be this way.

Virginia has been my home for all of my 85 years, and I would like to enjoy my retirement here. I hope that Sens. Kaine and Warner will work with their colleagues in Washington, D.C., to do whatever is necessary to hold the line on government decreases in funding for Medicare Advantage.

Now more than ever, seniors need our elected officials to fight for us and to ensure that we receive the reliable and affordable health care we deserve.

Carlton Howard