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Expansion denial makes us seem 'hardhearted'

Date published: 4/15/2014

Expansion denial makes us seem 'hardhearted'

I know there is a big controversy both pro and con about accepting Medicaid in Virginia.

It is federally funded with no guarantee that the federal funds will continue to be provided. How would we fund it with state money? Let me provide a different way of looking at this.

We seem hardhearted to not fund this program, which helps so many people. If each person needing the help was identified, along with the medical or mental illness and the cost the family must bear, would it make a difference?

Also, the money that we should be getting will go to another state. That's our money. And there are those who say the tax money is paid out unfairly, with the rich being charged more.

Wait a minute. How many tax breaks are given to the rich? The interest paid on your home mortgage is deducted. People eligible for Medicaid cannot afford a house.

There are many other tax breaks that are dedicated to the business owners who don't want to pay a living wage to their employees.

Susan Wyndham