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Opposing ACA doesn't make you a hater

Date published: 4/16/2014

In his April 5 op-ed titled "Haters' biggest fear? Success for Obamacare," columnist Bob Ray Sanders set up a row of straw men who "hate" Obama, so that he, Sanders, could knock them down with his column.

"Certain politicians and pundits," according to Sanders, are haters of Obama because they oppose Obamacare.

As a private citizen, I'll admit--indeed, shout out--that I oppose Obamacare, which so far has had the most disastrous rollout of any government scheme in memory. I'll also admit that I want it to fail, because if it succeeds, it will be as disastrous as its rollout.

It will socialize American medicine, which only thinkers steeped in fantasy can believe is good.

But I don't hate Obama and I doubt that other objectors do. I do believe with good reason that Obama is a liar, and that his supporters are naive idealists who know little if anything about how the real world works.

I am disappointed by the prospect that our national electorate has become dominated by enfranchised groups best described by Limbaugh's term "low information voters," and by my favorite, accurate terms, "starry-eyed idealists" and "misguided academics."

Oh, Founding Fathers, please come back and save us.

Ronald Parsons