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Medicaid expansion tab will fall to Virginians

Date published: 4/16/2014

Medicaid expansion tab will fall to Virginians

It seems as though the editorial opinions expressed by The Free Lance-Star have drifted over the past couple of years from "who cares?" to simply "dead wrong."

Perhaps no example of this latter classification is more frightening than the April 11 editorial titled "Define 'borrowing.'"

Is it possible that there is a single person laboring in your vineyard who does not understand that a significant percentage of every dollar spent by the federal government this year is borrowed?

How much exactly? About 43 cents of every dollar.

The idea that the proposed Medicaid expansion is somehow to be paid by monies local citizens have sent to the government is just about the most inane idea that has ever appeared in print.

Not only is a significant portion of any money received from the federal government in the near term borrowed, but the real likelihood is that as the expanded Medicaid program grows uncontrollably, the federal monies will dry up and Virginians will be left holding the sack.

That will mean that downstream either Virginia taxes will rise dramatically or Virginians will be the ones doing the borrowing. These alternatives are the very definition of a lose-lose approach.

Fred N. Howe Jr.