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Is she "angry" because she's a woman?

Date published: 4/16/2014

Is she "angry" because she's a woman?

A. Beecher Sutherland's pompous response ["Writer seems to be more angry than informative," April 6] to Traci Dippert's thoughtful commentary on the shortcomings of her state representative reminded me of an observation made in 1861 by Jessie Benton Fremont, after she was treated similarly:

"Strange, isn't it," Fremont wrote, "that when a man expresses a conviction fearlessly, he is reported as having made a trenchant and forceful statement, but when a woman speaks thus earnestly, she is reported as a lady who has lost her temper."

That the ladies in Mr. Sutherland's life understand her sentiment better than most, I have little doubt.

Kerry W. Sipe