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State government ought to stay out of religion

Date published: 4/17/2014

State government ought to stay out of religion

Dale Taylor's letter ["A moral crisis," April 13] was right on target. I praise him for pointing out the moral dilemma this nation is in.

This is significant when The Free Lance-Star editorial on the same Palm Sunday ["Right call on religion"] praises our secular governor for vetoing two important bills passed in the state Senate.

SB236 protects the free speech rights of public school students to address their faith, and SB 555 is a bill that would have prohibited government censorship of military chaplain sermons and passed the Senate with a 37-0 vote.

Our forefathers from Virginia should be turning over in their graves for what is happening in their beloved state. Our state has more Christians than a number of others, and the FLS readership area is truly an area of the state that loves God and His Word.

Why does this newly elected governor with his arrogance and newfound power think he has the moral audacity to veto these two religious bills?

I am sorry to Gov. McAuliffe for being rude, but where does that moral authority come from? He needs to pick up God's word and read the first six chapters of Daniel and see what happened to two arrogant rulers who thought they had more power than God.

The FLS should write a retraction and listen to the majority of their readers who were shocked by the newspaper even getting into religious editorials.

I do hope and pray that on April 23, the General Assembly will override these vetoes and let the people know that they, too, recognize there is a Greater Power who is watching and loves them and respects their voice for Him, as we all should.

Mitch Fournet