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Expansion will add to out-of-control debt

Date published: 4/17/2014

Expansion will add to out-of-control debt

I would define borrowing as a 60 percent growth in the national debt in just five years. Under this president and Congress, we have seen the largest growth in debt ever. We owe more than $17 trillion.

The editorial I am refuting ["Define 'borrowing,'" April 11] is just another drumbeat from The Free Lance-Star for the Medicare expansion under the ACA.

The money that will pay for this is not from our taxes; it is borrowed. To expand the debt any more and burden our children and grandchildren is unconscionable.

I agree with the Republican House and its speaker in resisting any further encroachment by the federal government into our lives and our wallets. It is time to stand up for responsible government and sane fiscal policies.

Patrick Williams

King George