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Reader takes issue with being labeled a hater

Date published: 4/18/2014

Reader takes issue with being labeled a hater

This is in response to Bob Sanders' op-ed titled "Haters' biggest fear? Success for Obamacare" [April 5]. It was one of the more ridiculous op-eds about the Affordable Care Act.

Mr. Sanders rants about how "feelings certain Washington and state 'leaders' have toward President Barack Obama go far beyond simply despising or resenting him."

He says, "Hate, therefore, seems to be the appropriate word."

Nowhere did he mention that certain leaders, including the president of the United States, have lied to their constituents time and time again.

Nowhere did he mention how the Affordable Care Act was passed without having been read by the members of Congress. Remember when Nancy Pelosi said: "We have to pass it to find out what's in it"?

Opposing lawmakers questioned this act and were denied an opportunity to make changes. That does not, in my humble opinion, suggest hate.

I have no respect for anyone who voted to pass this bill without having read it.

Hatred, albeit used "loosely or hyperbolically" is not the issue. The issue is very simple--our president, members of Congress and many in the press lied to us. And how dare anyone question or find fault with this horribly written law, for they will be called Obama haters.

Most folks accept the fact that an Affordable Care Act is indeed needed. However, this monstrosity is not an affordable care act.

Roy Strawhun