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Thanks, Duff Green Fund, for the trees

Date published: 4/20/2014

Thanks, Duff Green Fund, for the trees

On behalf of the Ladies Memorial Association of Fredericksburg, I would like to thank the Duff McDuff Green Jr. Fund of the Community Foundation of Rappahannock River Region for their recent grant award.

The Fredericksburg Confederate Cemetery was established by the Ladies Memorial Association of Fredericksburg, organized on May 10, 1866. The purpose of our corporation, since its inception, has been to maintain the grounds and to mark, identify and decorate the graves of the Confederate soldiers interred here.

The cemetery was dedicated in May 1870 to the 3,553 Confederate soldiers who were killed on four area battlefields and reinterred here.

One of the earliest Memorial Day observances in the country was held at this cemetery. As it has for nearly 150 years, this tradition continues annually on Memorial Day, the last Monday in May.

Over the years, the cemetery has lost many of its old, beautiful trees because of weather and/or age. We started a tree program last year to replace some of our lost trees, and the Duff Green Fund was kind enough to award us a grant to start this program. We have added a number of trees, so the cemetery will be very pleasing to look at again in the future.

This year the Duff Green Foundation awarded us another grant to continue the tree program, which will allow us to continue to plant beautiful trees in the cemetery.

Ginnie Branscome


The writer is president, Ladies Memorial Association of Fredericksburg.