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Sustainability requires comprehensive effort

Date published: 4/20/2014

This is in response to the April 13 article titled "Stafford seeks input on taxes," associated with stormwater management. Why are we still doing "stovepipe" approaches?

A local tax increase will not resolve the ongoing initiatives to clean up or protect the Chesapeake Bay unless the metropolitan Washington region further promotes its unified plan and enforces existing measures.

Outreach strategies already exist or have existed for more than two decades associated with the Chesapeake Bay and/or its watershed interests.

While I agree that the state of the Chesapeake Bay will remain a challenge and that we must work toward sustaining this national treasure, Stafford County alone cannot resolve it as a separate or targeted initiative.

We must look toward incorporating integrative efforts of sustainable development into all county initiatives and plans, not just for stormwater management.

I would not be opposed to a tax increase if it was integrated into performance-based initiatives that address crosscutting issues that focus on actions that provide a framework for sustainable development.

Stafford County can start to meet these challenges by further addressing local problems such as traffic congestion, air pollution, urban sprawl and energy costs.

By incorporating sustainable development into the fabric of these daily decisions, steps can be taken to reduce our environmental influence and, at the same time, increase the prosperity, resilience and vitality of our communities

John H. Bridges III