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Ross will serve all his constituents

Date published: 4/20/2014

Ross will serve all his constituents

This is in response to Willie Brown's April 15 letter to the editor ["Ross' BOS and GOP roles are in conflict"].

I agree only with his biggest point: Principled men draw fire. They are not truly loved until they are gone.

Here's hoping Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors Chairman David Ross sticks around.

Regarding Mr. Ross becoming GOP chairman, reporter Jeff Branscome got it right when he wrote in his March 31 article: "It's nothing new for an elected official to head a political party organization." He pointed to good examples, both Democratic and Republican.

Of course Mr. Ross' leadership frustrates and angers his political opponents. That's nothing new, either.

Local politicians seem to come in two flavors--those driven by principle and those motivated by opportunity. Sadly, most seem to fall into the second group and use their political office as a means to benefit themselves and their friends.

David Ross is one of those rare local officials who operates on principle. His desire is to serve his district--not just his friends--and to advance our community as a whole.

Mr. Ross was an independent in the 2010 campaign; he did not seek the Republican nomination. Mr. Logan was the Republican Party's nominee, and Mr. Ross disagreed with him.

I was at the Republican meeting where Mr. Ross was elected chairman. Nobody else wanted the job. Mr. Ross is not a man hungry for power. He is proof of the adage that 20 percent of the people do 80 percent of the work. He is one of the few.

This Spotsylvanian is grateful that Mr. Ross is doing more than his share.

Fran Taylor