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Why can't rifles, carbines be returned?

Date published: 4/21/2014

Why can't rifles, carbines be returned?

What do the liberal, progressive politicians like [former New York City mayor Michael] Bloomberg, President Obama, Gov. McAuliffe and our two Virginia senators, Warner and Kaine, not understand about the U.S. constitutional right in the Second Amendment for Virginians and all U.S. citizens to keep and bear arms?

President Obama, by presidential order, stopped about 350,000 M1 rifles and carbines from coming back home to America. These weapons were made here and should be returned. By this order, he prevented many people from doing their jobs and disrupted our economy. As a Korean veteran, I, like many others, was looking forward to recovering a souvenir from the Korean War. Our two senators voted for the U.N. program to ban guns and interfere with our constitutional rights. I wrote Sen. Warner and he responded that the U.Ñ. proposal was for the purpose of stopping illegal trafficking of weapons. This is irrational, because no such law would stop the communist countries like China, Russia, North Korea and others from disobeying the law. Since the senators voted against Virginians and for the U.N., this is a valid reason for not re-electing either one.

A World War II story was told on television in an interview with a Japanese general who was asked, "When the U.S. was in a defenseless state after Pearl Harbor, why didn't you invade the U.S.?" His answer was "we knew that every home in America had a gun inside of it." Our Virginia historical ancestors knew what they were doing when they created "the right to keep and bear arms." It is too bad we don't have such forward-thinking politicians today.

Carl M. W. Grenn Sr.