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Don't force your religion on others

Date published: 4/21/2014

Don't force your religion on others

This is in response to Mitch Fournet's April 17 letter titled "State government ought to stay out of religion."

We are now a country and state of many religions and a growing number of non-religious people.

All organizations should, if they must have a reverent moment, select, as the schools do now, "a moment of silence." This would give each person attending a chance to contemplate his or her mission in participation, or the chance to say a silent prayer, preventing the involvement of others in religion-specific prayers.

Our state now is a melting pot of nationalities, ethnic identities and spiritual backgrounds.

There are many who would seem to prefer a pure white, Christian population, but our "Golden Gate" long ago opened its arms and hearts to all who search for freedom and opportunity, regardless of ethnic heritage or faith.

This produces new thought and contribution, a welcome outcome.

Judith Murray