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Not all small businesses want ACA expansion

Date published: 4/23/2014

Not all small businesses want ACA expansion

The April 17 article titled "Medicaid petition given to Howell" prompted me to write this letter to offer a different perspective and food for thought from another small-business owner in Fredericksburg.

The federal government's proposal to expand the Medicaid program and our new governor's endorsement and attempt to sell it under the guise that it is good for all people is disappointing.

This is yet another attempt by Congress and the president to offer a small carrot to entice Virginia legislators to adopt a Band-Aid, quick-fix solution that will ultimately cost more down the road.

Obamacare is like opening Pandora's box and is another attempt to entice citizens into federal government dependence from the cradle to the grave.

House Speaker Bill Howell's concerns are correct. His call for the health care issue to be removed from the state budget and discussed in a separate debate is the right decision.

This is a complicated issue. The federal government's ability to underwrite the funding is questionable at best.

Because of the uncertain future of the "Affordable Care Act"--which is deceptive and misleading in name, concept and vision--it is more prudent to debate its merits and potential separate from the state budget.

The goal and objective when considering all legislation should be to provide an opportunity for everyone to evaluate and consider the bill on its merits. Legislation should not just be rushed through.

I applaud Speaker Howell's strong stance on this issue. Medicaid expansion should be considered separately from the budget, and legislators should think long and hard before expanding Obamacare in Virginia.

Bill Greenlaw