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More questions than answers on Medicaid

Date published: 4/23/2014

More questions than answers on Medicaid

Let's run down the list of why Medicaid should not be expanded in Virginia:

1. The $1 trillion and growing program known as Obamacare was meant to provide coverage to everyone. Medicaid expansion should be a moot point.

2. The government does not know exactly how many people would join the Medicaid rolls, thereby increasing the cost. History has shown that the cost is always greater than what is sold to the public.

3. There are already a myriad of organizations that assist the poor with medical attention.

4. Anyone can go to the emergency room and receive attention.

5. The focus should be on lifting people out of poverty. Providing Medicaid has not empowered the poor and moved them out of poverty.

6. Government reimbursement rates are decreasing. You will pick up the tab.

7. Virginia recently dropped from fifth to 11th in terms of job creation due to taxes. If you want to help people, let them keep more of their hard-earned money.

8. We cannot trust the government to provide the promised levels of funding considering the fiscal state of our country.

9. Beware when politicians tout a number of people to be helped but offer no price tag projection.

10. The majority of jobs created in the "recovery" are low paying. How much will they be hurt by incurring an additional cost?

11. Where has it been stated what expansion means? Expanded from what to what? What are these people doing today for coverage? Why were they not part of Medicaid yesterday? This is expansion just to expand.

12. Aren't reasons 1 through 11 enough?

John Roche